DEWALT DW735 Review

DEWALT DW735 Review

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On January 3, 2013
Last modified:July 22, 2013

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DW735 planer
The DEWALT DW735 two speed thickness planer is one of the best thickness planers in use today. It is extremely powerful and is capable of handling any type of wood that you can feed it whether it is walnut, oak, or any type of exotic wood. Its portable size makes it easy to transport, and it has a two speed gear box which will enable you to adjust the feed speed for better cuts per inch. All in all, the Dewalt DW735 looks and feels like a dependable and efficient planer. Rugged from the top, smooth in its finish.

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Our Review:

Rugged 15 Amp Motor

If you are thinking of planing all types of rough stock wood, besides having a very durable blade system, you are going to need a powerful motor as well. The DeWalt planer dw735 uses a powerful 15 amp motor that can make deep cuts into all types of hardwood sheets. Combined with its unique three knife cutter head and two speed gearbox, I felt that I had all the power needed to make any cut necessary for any of my projects. The planer can make a maximum cut depth of 1/8 inch and a depth capacity of 6 inches. The total capacity of 13 inches was ample enough for me and should suffice for most professionals too.

The cutter-head uses razor sharp cutter knives that can be reversed and reused. They need not be disposed immediately. One of the greatest benefits of using these knives is that they last 30% longer than other disposable knives. This will enable you to save a lot of money on knife blades in the long run. It’s also very easy to change the knife blades due to a set of pins that have been machined on the cutter head along with matching holes that have been machined through the knife.

Chip Ejection System with Fan Assist

When it comes to dealing with all of the wood shavings and particles that are going to be produced by this planer, it has two different features that will allow you to deal with it in an effective manner. First, it has a motorized fan that literally breaks up the debris as it leaves the cutter-head. It then blows the debris into one of the two included dust shrouds. The first dust shroud extends down to the shop floor and the second dust shroud can be connected to a dust collector hose or a vacuum hose. I don’t remember seeing this amount of detailing with the ejection system on any planer.

Precision Cutting Capabilities

To ensure that you are able to make all of the precision cuts that you need, the DEWALT DW735 planer utilizes many different tools including an extra large thickness scale that will allow you to easily see how much wood is removed on every pass, as well as a turret depth stop that will allow you to quickly set the machine at some of the most common depth settings.

It also has a four carriage column carriage lock that reduces sniping by drastically reducing the amount of movement that can cause material damage.

Value for the Money

The DeWalt planer dw735 is a great thickness planer because it utilizes a powerful 16 amp motor, allows for multiple depth settings and wood thicknesses, and has a motorized fan that will enable you to quickly and easily clean up wood shavings. It also allows you to adjust the feed speed of your material which will give you all of the control that you need for your specific cut.

  • The Pros: It generates virtually zero snipe whatsoever and in addition, it provides for a sleek finish assuming that your cutting blades are sharp.
  • The Cons: With heavy usage the blades tend to wear out quickly and they are a bit pricey to replace.

Where to Buy the DEWALT DW735:

If you are looking to buy the DEWALT DW735 13 Inch Two Speed Thickness Planer online, then one of the best places to check is Amazon. Not only do they have deals that offer free shipping, but they have also been known to have some of the best prices as well.

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