Bosch 1594k Review

Bosch 1594k Review

The Bosch 1594k hardly makes any noise.

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The Bosch 1594k planer is a perfectly designed planer kit, the cutting performance of which is truly impressive. This machine has a two blade system that cuts through wood, metal and anything in its way with ease. All the power it generates comes from a powerful 6.5 amp motor that delivers 16,500 rpm with marvelous depth control. Also the standard beveling fence and protective shield ensures a safer handling at various widths and angles. The durable micrograin carbide blade packaged along with this planer will suffice for most crafters and hobbyists. Where many other planers would fail, the Bosch 1594k passes with flying colors. Deep cuts need only one pass and the exhaust system works flawlessly ejecting wood chips with ease. Ergonomics extend even to the saw blade – its unique design ensures easy start-up from right in between the material.

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About the Bosch 1594k

I was expecting the Bosch brand name to stand out and deliver on its promise of utmost quality and professional finishing. The Bosch 1594k is supposed to have a few unique features that will justify its purchase. A better depth control, adjustable chip deflector and a strong motor with a one-of-a-kind blade design were what caught my attention. Firstly, the depth control truly is deep and easy to adjust. Its also very accurate and never once appears to bog down. This is helped by the fact that the blade design supports cutting from the middle of a work piece. Maybe it is the Bosch reputation that makes it so easy to handle but I also observed that the chip deflector, that is supposed to work better, made my job much easier. For once, this was a device that came with a vac adapter, which needed very little tinkering.

What I really want to talk about with the Bosch 1594k is its amazing fence. You can set up 90 degrees or any angle that you want without having to worry about the depth and width you get in return. Its adjustable rabbeting stop lets you go as deep or wide as you wish regardless of the fence. Oh! And you can have a normal conversation with this planer going gung-ho and a vacuum cleaning up the wood chippings alongside. Not many planers are this quite to work with.

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About a few complaints that I had earlier seen in one or two Bosch 1594k review, I found them to be baseless. For one, the fence is not always the best way to prevent marring of your work. All professionals understand this and make use of additional wood faces with the fence for quality control. Secondly, the issue about improper cut is just impossible with the Bosch 1594k because its not even a handheld planar, which means that the front sole hits the surface first with the rear sole pushing down for a perfect cut. It simply cannot make concave cuts, straight is all that you can get with it, if you use the right technique.


The Bosch 1594k hardly makes any noise and with a vac adapter it never litters. With precision cutting, great control over depth and width, workable fence design and an excellent blade accessory, there is everything that a hobbyist or a craftsman would want from his planer.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Powered by a 6.5 Amp motor with 16,500 rpm.
  • Well-designed and well-balanced with powerful and adjustable blades.
  • Durable micro-grain carbide cutting blades that lasts 30% more than normal carbide cutting blades.
  • The whole package also includes a Carrying Case, Bevel Guiding Fence, Chip Bag and Blade Wrench.
  • The protective shield and Lock-off ambidextrous release button ensures safety and prevents accidents.
  • Weighs 6 pounds with 11-1/8-inch shoe length.
  • This Bosch 1594k is easy to convert for use with any large high velocity steel performance blades.
  • Original manufacturer’s packaging will be provided.
  • Exceptional for smooth finishing and fast stock removal.
  • Simple-to-read ratcheted depth knob is useful for complete depth range.
  • Includes the shop-vac adapter for preventing chip scattering in the workplace.


Pros: Very strong motor. Amazing depth control and doesn’t seem to bog down at all.
Cons: Reported small alignment issues but easily resolved.

Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Bosch 1594k Review
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