Factors to Consider When Buying a Planer

Deciding on which type of wood planer to buy comes with a lot of challenges and a proper evaluation of the kind of task to be performed within the limited resources is imperative having in mind that efficiency of the planer is also a priority. Consider this a primer to understanding the governing factors on purchasing a planer.

Types Of Planers

There are many types of planers designed to perform different functions. First planers are classified into two main classes – the hand planer and the electric planer.

Hand Planers

Hand planers are mostly designed for small pieces of work. To make these planers work, one has to exert a sufficient amount of energy to push it forward. There are many types of hand planers such as block planer, trimming planer and pocket Planer.

factors buying planer

Electric Planers

Electric planers are powered by electricity just as the name suggests. They are convenient and efficient. While buying these kinds of planers, it is necessary to consider the rating of the planer, which directly translates to the amount of power it will consume. This is normally indicated on the name plate of the motor either in kilowatts or horsepower. An electric planer with a powerful motor is normally fast, accurate and is always recommended for heavy tasks.

Other factors to be considered include the cutting depth of the planer (thickness the cutting blade can remove in one pass, flatness of the bed (guarantees smooth work) and of course the width of the bed (determines the width of timber which can be cut by the machine).


Cost of various types of planers varies depending on the manufacturer of the equipment and quality of the tool. It is advisable to go for a planer which you can afford within the limited resources at your disposal. This should include the total installation cost in the case of electric planers and subsequent maintenance. Do not aim at buying the cheapest machine or tool as cheap at present may become very expensive later. Do not go for an electric planer if you lack easy access to electrical points.

Efficiency And Convenience

Can the Planer you are planning to purchase perform the required duties within the time frame scheduled for the task? How does the final product from the machine look like? These are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before buying a planer. This will only be possible if you know the exact reasons as to why you need either a hand or electric planer. But as a rule of thumb, always go for a planer which cannot be overwhelmed by a slight increase of work. Or in other words, it is always better to anticipate future needs.

Flexibility and ease to use

Finally, do not go for a very complex planer, go for one which is efficient, can easily be used by everyone in your workshop and can also be adopted in a wide variety of environments.

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