Jet JPP-12 Review

Jet JPP-12 Review

Solid construction, easy transition between operation modes!

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Woodworking can be a burdensome task if you do not have a competent and efficient wood planer. It is not only important to have a good planer rather is a necessity to make your job easy. Likewise, a jointer is also an utmost necessity as it flattens any twisted or out of shape wooden board and also straightens the edges. And for any wood craftsman or woodworker the ideal tool would be a combination of both. So, welcome the Jet JPP-12, which is one solution to your woodworking hassles.

This compact, easy-to-use, easily adjustable machine effortlessly switches between the two functional modes. Also, the Jet JPP-12 has three good quality knives for precision cutting, self-locking security system for safety and a powerful 13amp motor. For a smooth running workshop plug in the Jet JPP-12 and enjoy a 12” jointer at comparatively affordable price.

About the Jet JPP-12

The Jet JJP-12 is a big relief for all woodworkers. My husband bought it around 3 months back and we have not regretted the decision at all. To begin with, compared to its counterparts from other companies, the Jet JJP-12 is not only affordable but, also a total value for money. A combination of both jointer and planer makes it versatile. Also the transition from one mode to another is very easy. The controls and knobs have been designed to suit the user’s convenience and comfort. With powerful motor and easy adjustments the Jet JJP-12 is compact in size and suitable for a workshop at home or a small commercial establishment.

The Jet JJP-12 has a cutter head with three knives attached to it. This rotates at high speed and gives accurate and above-satisfactory results. The cutter head is covered with a guard at all times for protection. The jointer can accommodate wooden planks up to 12” wide and 55” long. All we had to do was place the board under the cutter, which can be adjusted to move away from or press against the board with the knob given, and pass the wood beneath it. The Jet JJP-12 also has different levels for cutting depths. Since it has an auto lock mechanism, safety isn’t a concern. For using the planer, we just had to turn over the dust-collector and lock it. The planer controls are also easy to operate and adjusting the table is simply done by turning the hand-wheel. Another advantage is that under no circumstances, did we need to move the fence.

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Being the lady of the house, cleaning up the mess usually falls on me and hence, I’m more than glad for the dust-collector attached to the machine, which collects most of the wood shavings and dust. This makes the after-usage clean up a less tiring task.

The only probable down side is the rough texture of the table surface. Although, the general preference is a smooth polished surface, the coarse surface isn’t really that big an impediment to work. In fact, it gives better grip.


For all woodworkers who have a tight budget and limited space but plenty of work to be done, the Jet JJP-12 is the friend you should turn to. A two-in-one jointer planer, it is loaded with features and extremely easy to operate. Moreover, it does not take up much space and is ideal for a small workshop. Smooth functioning, high power motor, accurate results, high safety mechanism and a solid machine the Jet JJP-12 is a combination of efficiency and convenience.

Where is the best place to buy the Jet JJP-12 Jointer Planer?

We believe for such expensive and heavy duty products, Amazon is the ideal place to purchase online not only because of their favorable shipping policy but also because of their lowest prices.

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Features and Specifications:

  • 3HP Horsepower
  • 13amp Motor
  • Weighs 600lbs
  • 3 knife cutters made from high quality steel
  • Inclusive of a solid steel stand
  • Changing between jointer and planer easy and quick
  • 43 x 6 inch fence with easy adjustment options
  • Capacity: 12” width and 55” length
  • Outfeed table can be easily adjusted
  • Self- locking mechanism ensuring safety
  • Conveniently designed controls for precision oriented results
  • Accompanied with a dust collector
  • 5 year warranty


Pros: Solid construction, easy transition between operation modes,  dust-collector, heavy-duty motor, auto-lock system.
Cons: Rough table surface, fairly heavy.

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