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While our jointer planer reviews will help you find the right jointer planer to buy, a review cannot help you understand how to use it safely. Every year there are thousands of people who don’t know how to use their tools properly, and they end up getting hurt.

Here are some basic safety tips on using your Jointer Planer:

  • Safety Gear – Grab your goggles and earplugs, a tool like this can make a lot of noise and you don’t want shavings from the wood injuring your eyes.
  • Push Block – To prevent the wood from kicking back from the joint planer, always use a push block to push the wood through.
  • Always Use The Fence – You should always use the fence to help keep the wood you’re putting through the jointer plane as straight as possible.
  • Cutter Guard – You need to make sure to keep the cutter guard is on so your hand is protected, especially before you turn it on.

Read Hand Planer Reviews:

JET JPM-13CS 708524 Review

3.25 inch hand planer design that incorporates lightweight components and a powerful 7.5AMP motor that rotates at 16,000 RPM for the closest and deepest leveling. The JET-JPM-13CS can manage up to 5/32 inch deep and 3-14 inch wide cuts in a single pass. Designed to be ergonomic, this hand planer comes with depth adjustment on the handle and a rubberized grip with a front base that together with the rest of the body is made from aluminum housing.

2 Jet JPP-12 Review

Jet JPP-12 Review

When you get two benefits in one go, isn’t it a wonderful feeling? To bring this joy to your woodworking workshop bring the Jet JJP-12 without any delay. A 12 x 55” jointer planer, it is compact and ergonomically designed with a 13amp powerful motor. Switching from one mode to another is extremely easy, sturdily built with easy adjustments and simple mechanisms; the auto lock system takes care of the safety aspect.

3 Shop Fox W1742 Review

Shop Fox W1742 Review

A fully functional, 3HP 220 Volt rated single phase motor jointer planer, the Shop Fox W1742 is ideal for heavy duty planer and jointer activities. It comes with a table measuring 15 by 42 inches and has wings too. Two operational speeds of 16 and 30 FPM help tackle both soft and hard woods along with pedestral mounted controls and a thermal safety switch with overload protection.


There was a time when wood smiths would come to a pivotal point in their career trying to decide which to buy first – a jointer planer combo or a regular wood planer. To a layman this might seem like a foolish question since both look and work similar but those seriously interested in the woodworking are able to find a lot of use for each workshop tool. Thankfully, today you need not purchase these two things separately and spend thousands of dollars just for your hobby or craftwork. Jointer planer combos are the new kind of power tools that do both the tasks together. It all depends on how you set up the board and the machine. We have tried to collect together a whole range of Jointer Planers that we believe are best for any kind of woodworking enthusiast. Instead of going gung-ho with every jointer planer on the market, we have stuck with only those that proved useful and durable to us.

They Are Dangerous, So Play it Safe…

Anytime someone uses a tool, they should always remember to make sure they are safe with the right equipment like goggles and earplugs. Some people often remove the safety equipment that’s on the jointer planer, but this is a bad idea and you could risk serious injury if you do.

Nearly all Jointer Planer designs and styles rarely cheap out on effectiveness. Actually, since it includes a benchtop jointer along with a planer as one device, you receive a two-in-one piece of equipment to optimize work area. Just for additional reassurance, most of the planing and jointing tables reviewed on this site lock together to guarantee accuracy. Joiner planer combo is a great option due to the fact that many are lightweight, powerful, will get the job done and at a price, you can afford. In fact, many of the Jointer/planer combinations are the same price as many of the portable planers on the market today. While there are many options to choose from, we have provided jointer planer reviews on what think are the best for any job.


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Planer Reviews
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