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People who are looking to purchase portable planers are usually split between whether or not it’s better than a stationary planer. Some people really like these types of planers while others prefer the stationary one. Is there really a difference? What does a portable planer do that is different than a stationary planer? Is there a large difference in price? Which one will work the best for the job? There are a lot of questions and we do our best to break it down for you.

Here are some of the best features you will find in a Portable Planer:

  • Easier To Use – Instead of having to drive the planer, with a portable planer you need a lot less effort because you guide it along whatever path you want to be planed. What could be easier than that?
  • Replaces Many Tools – For those woodworking men who do not have a huge amount of space in their workshop, a portable planer is perfect. A portable planer can take the place of a joint planer, so it really will come in handy for the smaller projects you can handle in your workshop. The power planer is much more accurate because of its size and really is preferred because of that smaller size.
  • Lightweight and High Finishing – Because of a lightweight body and the use of a universal motor that delivers high RPM to the cutter head or rotating knives, wood surface planed in them come out ultra-smooth. This is something that you will have a hard time getting with industrial grade slow feed planers.
  • Inexpensive – Nothing beats a good power tool that costs very little. Portable planers usually cost one third of what it takes to purchase an industrial induction motor planer. Furthermore, portable planers repay back the investment within a year or so even for occasional woodworkers.

Read Hand Planer Reviews:

DEWALT DW735R Review

If you’re planning to purchase a thickness planer, your search ends here. The DEWALT DW735R is a 13 inch thickness planer with 13amp 10,000 rpm super powerful motor, three knives cutter head, dual speed, accurate cuts, measuring scale, fan-boosted chip ejection, robust construction and easy-to-use operations. If you’re trying your hand at carpentry or have a workshop of your own at home, the DEWALT DW735R is waiting to be a part of your life.

2 Makita 2012NB Review

Makita 2012NB Review

Totally lightweight and compact, designed to be portable by nature, the Makita 2012NB is a perfect companion for travelling carpenters and woodworkers. Changing blades on this unit is easy and quick as it comes with disposable double edge ones and a quite motor design with a diagonal cross support/4-post design that ensures stability. Finally, this portable planer is protected by a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

3 Delta Power Tools 22-590 Review

Delta Power Tools 22-590 Review

With the abundance of portable planers in the present market, it is often a tough decision to narrow down on the right model to suit your requirements. The Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer offers complete value for money, with its highly advanced features and three-blade system to ensure smooth operation and superb finish for all types of woods that you might happen to use.


What You Need To Know:

The only time when a portable planer falls flat in front of industrial grade planers is if you plan on having an assembly line of lumber coming in and going out of the planer ready for a jointer and then carpentry or other use. If you are like any other hobbyist who occasionally uses the planer on commercial grade wood planks and flats for ensuring high quality finish then a portable planer is more than sufficient. At least, owning one removes the need to visit the nearest mill or woodworking shop to finesse your recent wood purchases.

When it comes to shopping for a planer, and you have limited workspace, you might want to look into a portable planer. A portable planer can take the place of many tools in your workshop, and its smaller and can plane wood more accurately than its full-size counterparts. We have reviewed many of the best portable planers on the market today and give a detailed review on each one. We hope that our portable planer reviews provide you with the information you need and help you choose the right portable power planer for the job.

Planer Reviews
Planer Reviews
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