Wood Planer Vs Wood Jointer, Which Do I Need?

Using the right tool for the right job is a very important factor in any workshop. Substituting one tool or machine for another has been one of the major causes of many accidents in workshops. For instance, using a chisel instead of a screw driver will always be accompanied by their own unique consequences.

While handling any duty, it is important to list down all the necessary tools you require to accomplish the duty successfully. Besides, ability to distinguishing various types of tools with their unique features is also very necessary. But what are some of the major distinctive features between these two types of tools: a wood jointer Vs wood planer? And where should they be used to ensure a high end output and maximum efficiency?

jointer vs planer

Depending on your skills, there are at times when one can be used in place of the other although this is not recommended as I had earlier stated. There exists slight differences between the two.

A wood jointer is used to achieve a relatively smooth surface between two different types of woods to be joined together. For the case of a wood joint, the work piece is usually moved across it unlike the hand planer where the tool is moved across the work piece. It flattens both surfaces and edges and it has the ability to correct various bows and warps on any side of the work piece.

On the other hand, a wood planer is normally used by carpenters to reduce the size of the work piece to a desirable height. For a good end result to be realized, one end of the work piece must have been made flat using a jointer so that the planer only does the work of making the other side of the work piece parallel to the already smoothened side. The planer not only reduces the other side of the wood and makes it parallel but also ensures that the particular region remains consistently flat.

Most people opt to own a planer as it can both reduce the size of the work piece and makes it smooth at the same time but you must have experience to wield it with conviction. This is for the simple reason that buying both a jointer and a planer at the same time may be very expensive especially if your resources are limited. Although, having both these equipment comes with its own merits besides allowing you to maximize your efficiency.

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