Delta Power Tools 22-590 Review

Delta Power Tools 22-590 Review

Convenient Usage, Yields high-smooth finish with minimalDelta Power Tools 22-590 review sniping and 5-year warranty period.

7.3 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

In line with all the machines brought forth by Delta, this Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer lives up to all your expectations with regard to its operation, features, durability, portability, maintenance as well as pricing. This model weighs about 82 pounds and utilizes a superb three-knife cutting system to impart a highly smooth finish to all types of wooden boards, be it for your cabinets, closets, furniture or garage. User-friendly and portable, this planer offers a very convenient blade-change system and comes with a patented lock that prevents the cutter-head from causing snips to a great extent. For those who need to make multiple wood cuttings of identical shape and size, the adjustable width control enables you to go ahead with great ease. With easily available replacement blades and sturdy construction, this is indeed a ‘must-have’ low-maintenance, high-output and flexible planer.

About the Delta Power Tools 22-590

To be very honest, the Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer was a little bit of an extravagant spend on our part and we thought so, primarily because prior to this, we had been using a 2-blade planer that was locally manufactured, and were so used to all of its retarded functioning. When our neighbor suggested that we make this purchase, we hesitatingly ordered this 3-blade planer from Amazon and were surprisingly delighted to receive this Delta Portable Planer from Amazon within very few days of placing the order. Safely packed with all its accessories, we set out to read the instruction manual and start using the planer for refurbishing our staircase. Me and my husband were enthralled at it smooth operation as well as flexibility. More than anything else, the fact that we did not need to spend hours at a stretch in additional sanding of the wood boards, is what appealed to us the most.

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It has been eight whole months since we have been meticulously using this planer for our furniture, garage boards, closets and so on. There have been absolutely no maintenance issues and the machine does not heat up much even after prolonged usage. Being extremely portable, we have been able to easily make use of it both inside as well as outside our house. Apart from its robust construction, all its parts such as the clutter-head, dust bag, cutting blades, drive belt, in-feed and out-feed tables are made of high-grade materials and have been functioning quite efficiently. The patent cutter-head lock for minimization of snipes is in itself worth the money that we spent in purchasing this planer. As regular users of this portable planer, we can certainly put in a strong word of recommendation for it!


For all carpentry enthusiasts and home-owners alike, the Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer is a very useful tool that will save a great deal of time and effort on your end for all kinds of woodwork in and around your house. The incredible durability and performance of this machine is complimented by its minimized snipping and precision-based cutting for a wonderfully smooth finish. This 82-pound planer that measures 14x22x19.5 inches in dimensions is a sturdy, well-performing and highly durable machine that can be very handy for those who need to work with wood that has varying degrees of hardness, and for diverse carpentry requirements.

Where is the best place to buy the Delta Power Tools 22-590?

We believe Amazon currently boasts the best prices on the Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer, which also includes free shipping.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Three Knife-Cutting Mechanism with very high blade life and extra-smooth finish
  • Allows operation over compete wideness of cutter-head
  • Special cutter-head lock to eliminate snipes
  • Separate in-feed and out-feed tables to check sniping
  • Micro-adjustable depth for consistent cutting


Pros: Convenient Usage, Yields high-smooth finish with minimal sniping and 5-year warranty period.
Cons: A bit on the louder side as compared to other planers.

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