JET JPM-13CS 708524 Review

JET JPM-13CS 708524 Review

Long five year warranty, precision assured and dependable construction!

9.1 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

The JET JPM-13CS is a horsepower planer molder, which basically means that it is a machine that shapes wood by utilizing profile cutters. It works by placing wood horizontally through the planer and the wood is shaved off by blades embedded in the machine. All you have to do is stand back and watch. This is a machine common with carpenters. It is useful in making cabinets and other wood works. The machine contains a planer, which shaves off the wood and a molder, which configures the wood in the shape you want. While this looks large and space consuming, any DIYer who is looking at a serious piece of planer will find it quite handy albeit a little too costly.

About the JET 708524 JPM-13CS

I have been using the JPM-13CS for some time now and I can personally vouch for it. Regardless of whether you have a woodworking shop or you work from home, what you need to know about this machine is that it is easier to use than small planers because it depends on profiles for precise cutting. Both the open stand model and the closed stand model work well; the shavings obtained from this machine are too much therefore a dust collector is a must. Thankfully the knives in this machine last for years so maintenance is minimal with it.

The JET 708524 JPM-13CS is a very reliable machine. It does a good job with planed surface that comes out soft such that it does not require sanding again. This truly is a powerful machine with a massive 230 volts 1-1/2 horsepower motor. It is easy to move around the garage, shop or working space thanks to small rollers at the base. This machine is superior in cutting, the thickness of the wood is also accurate and it planes all types of wood – both hardwood and softwood. The JET 708524 JPM-13CS was built with home and professional wood workers in mind so it has highly reduced vibration. This machine is fan cooled and it has a great design, which is worth every penny especially when you consider the fact that it produces only the highest quality of work.

It is a durable, easy to use, safe and powerful machine that I would recommend to all.

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The JET 708524 JPM-13CS machine has been around for a long time now so you may have to make a few adjustments to be in sync with current technology. Nevertheless, it is a great machine that is very strong and can be used for a long time compromising failure. This planer goes for around $1000, has a 5 year limited warranty and is shipped free with Amazon. The durability of this machine will ultimately pay back what you invest into it.

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Features and Specifications:

  • A strong cast iron table and base with reduced vibration
  • Adjustable tools: infeed/outfeed
  • Comes with stand
  • A motor with 1-1/2 Horsepower and 1 phase 110/230 Volt
  • Cutter speed of 4500 RPM
  • Feed rate for molding is 10 FPM/20FPM
  • Maximum Planning Thickness of 6-1/8 inches
  • Maximum Planning Width of 13 inches
  • Maximum Planning Length of 14 inches
  • Cutter head diameter 2-9/16 inches
  • Number of knives: 3
  • Weight: 202 lbs


Pros: Long five year warranty, precision assured and dependable construction.
Cons: Expensive and not meant for enthusiastic woodworkers, it is solely for professionals.

JET 708524 JPM-13CS 13-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Planer/Molder, 110/230-Volt 1-Phase

JET JPM-13CS 708524 Review
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