Makita 2012NB Review

Makita 2012NB Review

Very smooth finish. Will last you years, just need to sharpen or replace blades!

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The Makita 2012NB is a 12-inch planer that has everything you will look for in a portable thickness planer. It has a simple and compact design, operates efficiently and quietly, and gives you the ability to change the blade quickly and easily. It also features Makita’s proprietary “Interna-Lok” automated head-clamp that all but entirely eliminates any chance of sniping occurring. This planer is the ideal planer for those of you who specialize in finish woodworking which includes jobs that deal with staircases, cabinets, closets, and furniture. It also comes with additional accessories which include a tool box, two magnetic holders, and wrenches.

About the Makita 2012NB

Convenient and Easy to Use

One of the features that make the Makita 2012NB so user friendly, is its extremely lightweight and portability. It also uses disposable double edged planer blades that can be easily replaced when necessary. Makita also claims that 2012NB utilizes the easiest and fastest blade change system on the market, and if this is true, this will only make using the planer that much more special.

Exclusive Technology Makes Sniping a Thing of the Past

There is nothing worse than finding snipe marks and tear outs in your wood pieces especially when you are working with expensive material. Makita has addressed this concern by developing their exclusive Interna–Lok automated head clamp. This feature helps to keep the cutter head locked firmly in place as it shaves through wood.

The Makita planer 2012NB also uses a four post design combined with cross supports that work to dramatically improve the overall stability of the planer. It also has large table extensions that will allow you to support your work pieces efficiently. And if you need to make repeated cuts, there are also adjustable depth stops that you can take advantage of.

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Quite 15 Amp Motor

The 2012NB is powered by a 15amp motor that is extremely powerful but also extremely quiet as well. The motor operates at a no-load speed of 8500 rpm and makes 83 DB noise making it the quietest planer in its class. It also has a feed rate of 28 feet per minute so you will be able to quickly and efficiently produce wood surfaces that have extremely smooth finishes.

Value for the Money

The Makita 2012NB 12-inch planer is small but powerful enough to easily take with you to any job site no matter what type of materials you may be working with. It’s also an extremely quite planer, which has a plane width of 12 inches wide and 1/8 inches deep. It also features a powerful 15 amp motor and anti-sniping system that will allow you to plane the perfect piece of wood just about every time.

Where to Buy the Makita 2012NB portable thickness planer?

You can find this tool at many major hardware stores, but if you really want to buy it at a great price, then one of the best places to check is Amazon. They have been known to have many great deals on this particular planer and many of them include free shipping.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Includes Three-Horsepower, 220-Volt, Single phase motor
  • Safety switch in case of internal thermal overload
  • Has a MAX cutting depth of 1/8”
  • 16 FPM and 30 FPM feed rate
  • 3 Knives (HSS)
  • Table Measures are 15” by 42” including wings
  • Has a Two-Speed hear box at 16 FPM and 30 FPM
  • Cutter Speed is 5,000 RPM
  • Includes mounted pedestal controls
  • Approx. weight for shipping: 675 lbs


Pros: Very smooth finish. Will last you years, just need to sharpen or replace blades.
Cons: None that are worthy to list.

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp

Makita 2012NB Review
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