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Do you like to work with wood? Do you have a lot of tools in your workshop, and are thinking about adding a thickness planers? When you start going through our thickness planer reviews to see who makes the best one, here are some reasons why you need one for your workshop.

Sometimes large thickness planers are not realistic on the job site so we are offering thickness planer reviews on some of the best planers on the market. These planers, although they don’t substitute an enormous immobile shop planers intended for capacity as well as stability, these tools help to make high-quality wood planing available on the go or in smaller sized work areas. A thickness planer is a handy tool to add to your workshop. Do not be reluctant to get one just because of its limited function. You will see how much money you save when you start to use a thickness planer, and be glad it’s in your workshop.

Some other benefits of Thickness Planers:

  • The function of a thickness planer – A thickness planer creates a piece of wood with one consistent thickness, which can really come in handy if you are doing certain projects. If all the wood you have is warped or irregular, then a thickness planer can fix that and prepare a piece of wood for whatever project you may have.
  • Save Money – A thickness planer can save you some money when it comes to buying wood from a lumber yard. Lumber yards will give discounts for rough wood, and a thickness planer will save you some money by turning rough wood into the wood with the same thickness.

Browse Through Our Thickness Planer Reviews:

DEWALT DW735X Review

Just like the DW735, the DW735X is styled in Yellow, made from solid cast aluminum and has the many features that make the former a really good planer. As for the DW735X, the X stands for a out-feed and in-feed table with disposable 13 inch knives and an extra set for the cutter head. Basically, it gives features that don’t make a huge difference unless you really are into woodworking with passion.

2 DEWALT DW735 Review

DEWALT DW735 Review

The DW735 is endowed with a solid cast aluminum base with an excellently well built machine. Just compare it to any standard folding table and the base itself is twice more rigid than competing models with 10 inches. With an automated carriage lock, the DEWALT DW735 doesn’t need any amount of manual engagement.

3 DEWALT DW734 Review

DEWALT DW734 Review

Aesthetically, the DEWALT DW734 isn’t at all different from its previous editions but it does bring into the picture a 3-knife head that features 2 sided disposable blades. Plus, the cut is really smooth and if you closely look under a bright light, dark wood never shows blade marks. In short, this is an affordable and reliable portable unit for your woodworking shop.


Things to Consider:

When purchasing any thickness planer or reading through reviews, you will come across situations that suggest poor quality of the planer but in reality it is a limitation of commercial planers of all kinds. Multiple passes and snipe is something that you cannot get rid of regardless of which brand or manufacturer you ultimately choose. Here is why.

  • Thickness planers usually are bulky even if they are portable in nature. Remember that a portable version of thickness planer is just smaller in size than industrial grade planers and they use commercial motors instead of induction motors. Whereas an industrial planer shall reduce thickness on a wide or massive wood board in one pass, commercial planers require multiple passes. So, the first and foremost thing to observe in any thickness planer review is how many passes are required for thick or very rough boards.
  • Snipe is the uneven thickness developed towards the shorter sections of the board. This happens with commercial planers because of improper alignment of the in and out feed tables or bad technique. Nevertheless, initially expect snipe to a certain extent as only time will let you understand the correct configuration to completely eliminate snipe.

There are many thickness planers to choose from and we hope our thickness planer reviews are helpful in making your buying decision easier. Please feel free to browse around our site and research as much as you can before buying one of these machines.

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