Used Planers and Everything You Need To Know About Them

At times, buying brand new planers may be very costly and therefore resorting to used planers is the better option. They are usually efficient just like new planers depending on the model and its condition. However, going for a used planer is not a guarantee that you get the equipment in a good working condition. Normally there are two major issues, which will always force a person to sell his or her planer, be it electrical planer or hand planer. Either one could be having a series of problems with the planer making the individual to spend more on maintaining it and thus incurring losses or the individual might have bought a more powerful planner and therefore he or she is not in need of the old planer. Of course you can only be certain of the condition of a particular planer if you know the person who’s selling the planer. But can you really trust him? That’s the dilemma most people are always in when going for used planers.

When buying used planers from any shop or any industrial wood working outlet, ensure that the dealer has a good reputation. This will guarantee you some quality. The reputation speaks highly of the trust the general public places in the seller. In most cases, such dealers will give you a warranty of almost half the period of a new wood planer. If it is an electrical wood planer, they may even offer free installation for you.

buying a used planer

Always seek for a valid document which shows that the ownership of the planer has changed over to you. It is obvious that the wood planer was owned by another person and therefore having this document will always be a confirmation that you are the rightful owner of the equipment.

Before you buy a used wood planer, find out the price of a brand new wood planer of the same type you wish to purchase. The price of a used wood planer should be relatively lower than that of a brand new planer of the same make. The price may vary depending on how long the equipment has been used. As a ground rule, every year, the price depreciates by about 33 percent.

These are some of the necessary precautions that one must take while shopping for a used wood planner. However, other factors such as the installation costs, capacity and efficiency should never be ignored. These are equally important to consider. Always factor in installation and maintenance costs.

It is worth noting that a good number of used wood planers may not come with all components operating optimally, therefore, taking the equipment to a qualified person after purchasing it for a total repair or service will guarantee you efficiency and a peace of mind.

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